Magicians can bring a magic touch (no pun intended) to any event, whether it’s a business brunch or wedding dinner! A stage or close up magician can attend to your guests, keep people enthralled and entertained, and really add the extra sparkle to your occasion. Whether your event has a small crowd that needs mingling with and amazing with quick tricks and sleight of hand deceivery or a huge crowd that requires a full stage show with the aid of a beautiful assistant, an event magician can be the perfect addition to any special day! Let’s take a quick look at some of the events that can be the perfect opportunity for hiring a magician:


Hiring a wedding magician is a wonderful way to add a unique and unforgettable aspect to the happiest day of your life! A wedding magician can work either from a stage or up close and personal with your guests. Having a stage wedding magician would be perfect for large weddings and could be used to provide a mid or after-dinner show, while a smaller wedding would be the perfect fit for a close-up magician, who can wander around your reception dazzling your increasingly intoxicated guests with amazing tricks and illusions!


Birthdays both large and small are a great opportunity to get a magician in to wow your guests! Magicians are usually most popular for children’s birthday parties, but a good birthday magician can cater to crowds of all ages! Hiring a birthday magician can also give the person whose birthday it is an extra special and memorable day by having them directly involved in the magic act by being the volunteer from the audience!

Business Events

Business events are probably the least likely place you’d expect to find a magician, but hiring a magician for company events, business lunches, or corporate networking gatherings is an incredible way to create a unique event for your clients, business partners, and other esteemed guests! A corporate magician can delight and amuse your colleagues and customers while you talk business and make those valuable work connections!

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