Magic is a mind-blowing activity as a whole, seeing some of the crazy tricks that have happened over the years, from the historical David Copperfield and Houdini to the modern Dynamo, there have been many of tricks that have taken our breath away. Even the simpler card tricks can be just as impressive, so why not have a look at some of the best card tricks.

McDonald’s Aces is a classic, where it sees four aces seemingly disappear in front of your very eyes and then all of a sudden reappear in one spot. It seems as though Grandpa’s Aces (as referred to by Copperfield) is just a normal four ace trick on the surface, but it is Copperfield’s story on his Grandpa and how he learnt magic from him that really brings the trick to life along with Copperfield’s natural finesse he brings to all of his tricks.

Another classic of the card trick industry, tearing a card up and somehow repairing it right in front of our eyes. Guy Hollingworth does this trick with such a fluent motion and to add even more difficulty to the trick, he does this with a signed card!

This trick happened on the Ellen show when an audience member showed us an amazing card trick. He asked Ellen to shuffle an imaginary deck, choose a card and place it in the middle of the deck. The audience member then magically pulls out a deck of cards from thin air, asks Ellen which card it was she chose and reveals her card in the middle of his real deck!

On a Japanese magic show, a participant is asked to choose a card and show everyone the card including the magician and sign the card. The magician then proceeds to return the card to the deck and then throws the deck at a fish tank, with one card seemingly inside the tank. No surprise it’s the signed card! He then manages to retrieve the card!

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