Magicians have astounded and amazed us for generations, constantly refining their craft and innovating new displays of magic. Some gain fame through their shows and a few have become globally recognised celebrities due to their awe-inspiring acts. Today we’re going to have a quick look at a small collection of some of the most impressive magic tricks ever performed by celebrity magicians!

David Copperfield – Death Saw

We couldn’t start this list with anything except David Copperfield’s Death Saw. This incredible trick required Copperfield to “accidently” saws himself in half with a giant rotating saw blade. This trick is framed as a trick that went wrong, usually provoking a strong reaction from the audience! The real trick, of course, is that he then puts himself back together!

Pen and Teller – Bullet Catch

Next on the list we have a trick most famously performed by Pen and Teller. Many magicians have engaged in bullet catching tricks, but none have topped Pen and Teller’s incredible display. They first have the audience mark two bullets so they can be identified. They then shoot at each other from across the room and simultaneously catch each other’s bullet between their teeth.

David Blaine – Pulling Teeth

This next trick is mind blowing! David Blaine – known for his public displays of at-times unsettling magic, performed a trick where he pulled two front teeth from the mouth of a woman in the crowd he was mingling with. The shock on her face is palpable, she certainly did not appreciate the removal. To complete his astounding trick, he then simply blew air on her face and her teeth suddenly reappeared, good as new!

Dynamo – Walking on Water

Dynamo is well known for his public displays of magic, his most famous probably being his levitating act atop a London skyscraper! Perhaps (slightly) lesser known is his walk along the River Thames! Dynamo shocked bystanders one day when he wandered down to the river edge and slowly started walking across the water’s surface. Bystanders were blown away as they watched him cross the river. That is, until he was picked up by a police boat and taken back to dry land!

Harry Houdini – Eaten by a Whale

We couldn’t complete a list like this without mentioning the world-famous escape artist and magician, Harry Houdini. One of his many shocking tricks involved him escaping from the belly of a whale! In 1911, while Houdini was performing in Boston, a group of businessmen challenged him to escape from inside a sealed Whale’s belly. The conditions were that Houdini had to be shackled in handcuffs and leg-irons supplied by local police, and then sewn up inside the whale’s belly. Houdini, never one to turn down a challenge, agreed.

With Houdini trapped inside, the carcass of the whale was tightly laced and completely wrapped in chains. Fifteen minutes later the great magician emerged smiling. This was truly one of his most spectacular escapes, and what and the audience didn’t know is that he nearly suffocated on arsenic fumes – the chemical used to embalm the whale!

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