We have seen a lot of magicians over the years. We’re all familiar with the likes of world-famous magicians like Houdini and David Blaine, but we also have an endless number of other fantastic magicians we have had the privilege to view. It has always seemed that magic has just continued to get better and better over the years and magicians have constantly improved and made adaptations to the classic tricks.

Some magicians have enjoyed going and doing other things in their career, like taking to a more entertainment aimed performance rather than focusing purely on magic. Others however, have made their own television show to take their performances to a wider audience and make it more convenient at the same time.

On October 29th 2002, Villard published Mysterious Stranger: A Book of Magic, which was an autobiography and Armchair Treasure Hunt which included instructions on how to do magic tricks. Blaine also took to doing charity work and performed a trick in New York Times Square in support of the salvation Army. After 52 hours, Blaine escaped the shackles that held him in a spinning gyroscope suspended from the ground. He did this because when he was growing up, the salvation army had provided him with clothing.

David Blaine Ascension – Unfortunately most of David Blaine’s television specials aren’t available to watch through stream, especially his first show “Street Magic” which would see Blaine go around the streets and surprise random people with his magical skills. This show was amazing due t the purity of his audience and their reactions. Some of the tricks shown on his show include him standing on a block of ice for 63 hours in the middle of Times Square. He also performed a trick where he lived in a plexiglass cube suspended over London for 44 days! His most recent stunt involved floating above the earth while holding onto a giant bundle of balloons.

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