Party Magician

Party magicians are a common sight at birthdays, weddings, and a host of other kinds of celebrations! Party magicians will bring a sparkle to your event and ensure your guests have a delightful and interactive experience. Whether for a small children’s party or a huge sweet 16th, having a professional magician to mingle with your guests and dazzle them with tricks, or to put on a stage show and entertain through dinner, can add a special touch to your celebration.

What can a party magician bring to your special day?

Close-Up Party Magician

Hiring a close-up party magician for your special event will add a personal touch with your guests. A professional close-up magician will be comfortable with crowds of any size and will mingle with your attendees performing engaging tricks and displays of magic with small groups, making their way around the event!

Close-up party magic can also be done with a seated audience for after dinner shows or for entertainment between courses! The magician will make his way from table to table and perform a short a display for each group of guests.

Stage Party Magician

If you’d prefer to have a longer show over dinner or have a huge crowd to entertain, then consider hiring a professional stage magician for your party. A stage magician can delight your entire crowd and the entire show can be projected onto a large screen to ensure the whole audience can watch and be amazed! The best stage magicians will blend together some illusion with impressive displays of sleight of hand, and a splash of humour to keep your guests engaged!

Special Event Magician

A professional magician isn’t just for every year events like birthdays or holidays, they can add a special touch to any event! Whether it’s a religious right of passage like a bar mitzva or a culturally significant birthday like a quinceañera, an anniversary party to celebrate a significant milestone, or once in a lifetime events like graduations or company launch parties, having a stage or close-up magician will make your event unique and leave you with life long memories!