Card magic has enthralled viewers for generations! From the most basic sleight of hand tricks through to some of the most incredible displays of precognition and suggestion (like cutting a card from the centre of a piece of fruit), card tricks are fun and fascinating for all ages. Whether you’re a dedicated hobbyist, a professional magician in training, or simply just have a curious mind bursting to know how the tricks work, learning card tricks can be extremely rewarding and will always leave you as the life of the party!

You could find video tutorials on YouTube, or read step-by-step instructions online, but absolutely nothing compares to your own personal magician to teach you the ins and outs of the industry, alongside how to do all your favourite tricks! So, whether you saw a wedding magician perform a trick you just can’t get out of your head, you desperately want to impress your friends or colleagues at an upcoming event, or if you’re simply just a magic enthusiast looking to expand his skills, nothing compares to one-on-one tuition for learning the true tricks of the trade and the secrets of the industry!

So, if you’ve decided not to hire a corporate magician for that big event, because you’d rather impress your boss yourself instead, or you’ve cancelled the party magician you hired to look good in front your crush, then look no further! Rick offers magic tuition services that can be tailored to your needs.

Learning close up card magic will allow you to perform all the classic sleight of hand tricks, such as:

Palming – hiding a card efficiently in the palm of your hand so your audience cannot see you have it. This technique is used across countless card tricks!

False dealing, shuffling, cutting – false dealing is the process of dealing cards out to your audience or volunteer in a seemingly random order while secretly knowing the location of one or more of the cards.

Crimping and jogging – crimping and jogging are both methods of marking a card for recall later on. Crimping is causing a slight bend on the card that on you can recognise! Jogging is a method of leaving you chosen card ever so slightly protruding – not enough for the viewer to notice but enough for you to tell which one you need to draw!