There is no doubt that your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days in your life, and making it perfect for you is very important. It is your wedding day, so why not make it exactly how you want? Here are some unique ways you can make your special day even more special!

Phones away

It is safe to safe nowadays we all love our phones; we can do almost anything on them, so why wouldn’t we? But we all know that we can get a bit carried away with how much we are on them and how many pictures we are taking. When you have paid for professional photographers why don’t you all just let them do what they’re there to do and enjoy your time! Having a phone box that guests have to put their phones into when they arrive is a great way to stop everyone taking 50 different pictures of the same thing and enjoy the moment together!

Make your day very magical

A wedding is a very magical day already, but why not add a bit more magic to it by hiring a wedding magician to amaze your guests with some great magic tricks. It Is a great way to give some entertainment when everyone is sat down waiting and can create a magical atmosphere for the rest of the day.

A final dance

Following the theme of making the day magical, a great way of doing this is having a final dance together. The bride and groom both choose one final song to dance to, however everyone else leaves. Having the two celebrate their night together in a very romantic way. This is a great way to make end the night.

Leave the night with a bang

If a slow quiet dance isn’t the way you would like to end the night, then how about ending it with a firework show! Having a firework demonstration is a great way to send of the night as a grand finale.

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