Being a magician takes many skills, not only being able to perform the tricks without fail every time, but also being able to connect with the audience and make them feel they are experiencing something truly magical.


Some of the more important characteristics of a good magician is someone who Is confident, charismatic, and courageous, as it takes a lot of confidence to perform in front of people, especially those who you don’t know! It’s also important to remain confident not just in your approach, but in your ability to perform the tricks without making mistakes. As this will make the performance a lot easier for you and enjoyable for the audience.


Being able to cater your performance to preferences of the audience is a great way to connect with them and enhance the performance for yourself. If you can pick up on any interests, they have or something specific they like about magic they enjoy and use that in your favour then the audience will appreciate that. It can also take your performance in a load of different directions which is great for building up experience and exploring different topics you could cover in later performances.


Something else that you need to when starting your journey to being a great magician is choosing the path you would like to go down. Whether that be choosing a calm, sophisticated persona or a loud boisterous persona. Choosing which persona, you want to take on will help you build up a character as your performances go on, which will help give you a reputation along the line.


The last thing I will cover today is the most important. Just be yourself! At the end of the day, you are doing magic because you enjoy it and you want to, so why pretend to be someone that you aren’t? As long as you are being yourself people will pick up on your passion for magic and will love your performances anyway.


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