Magic is an amazing thing, you can bring people so many emotions happiness, excitement, confusion and even sometimes abit of fear! You can show people things they never thought they would see or would even think be possible and make them question what is real. Magic has brought Rick so much joy over the years he has been doing it, we recently asked him who in the magic industry he likes most and why, let’s see who he said.

Penn And Teller

Penn and Teller are American magicians and entertainers. They have performed with each other since the late 1970’s they are extremely well known for their ongoing act that brings both comedy and magic together. In their acts Penn acts as the orator and raconteur, whereas Teller doesn’t speak and talks through mimes and nonverbals, however his voice can occasionally be heard on their live shows and television appearances.

David Blaine

One of the most well know person in the magic industry. David Blaine is extremely well known for his magic skills and stunts he performs. When he was young, he saw a magician performing magic on the subway, this sparked a lifelong interest in magic for him. Once of his most famous tricks “Buried Alive” was performed on April 5th, 1999. Blaine was buried in an underground plastic box underneath a 3 – ton water filled tank for seven days! The only way he could communicate with the world was through the use of a hand buzzer. After the seven days a construction crew removed him from the tomb.

Bill Malone

Bill Malone is an American entertainer, magician and actor who specialises in card tricks, close up magic and corporate events. He was raised in Chicago and became interested in magic at the age of 17. He has received the Merlin award from the International Magicians Society. Malone moved to Florida where he owned and set up a comedy club, called Houdini’s Pub.

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