Close-up magic is a delight to behold for people of all ages! Relying on sleight of hand, illusion and misdirection, close-up magic has been long used to leave audiences stunned and stumped. There are so many props used by close-up magicians to achieve these thrilling magical effects, from playing cards to every day objects like your keys or phone. Today we’ll be looking at an iconic form of close-up magic: coin magic. You might be surprised how many different tricks you can achieve with a simple bit of pocket change!

Producing and Vanishing a coin

If you’ve managed to make it through your life without ever seeing somebody pull a coin from behind an ear, you’ve been deprived! Producing a coin is as classic as magic gets! Making a coin appear from thin air is the first coin trick most people learn, then the next step is to make it disappear again! Vanishing objects is another example of classic magic that dates back a long time and has entertained audiences for generations.

Teleportation and Transpositioning of coins

Teleporting (making a coin jump from one spot to another) and transpositioning (making two or more coins swap positions) coins are both equally spectacular forms of magic to behold, especially when achieved in front of your very eyes! Some tricks, like the Coin Matrix, involve using playing cards to cover the coins while they are made to magically transport around the room.

Penetrations and Restorations

Penetration magic – forcing a coin to pass through a solid object like a table or chair – always leaves stumped audiences fumbling around trying to figure out where the secret hole is! Restoration works a little differently and is usually achieved with a fake coin! In coin restoration, the magician will damage a coin, normally by taking a big ol’ bite, and then restore it back to the original legal tender!

There are so many different forms of coin magic, this is just a small sample of the most classic classifications of coin tricks! Other coin magic may transform a coin into a different object or currency, or make a coin levitate, or appear to move along a surface alone. Coin magic is a classic art form and is incredible to behold. If you’re looking for a wedding magician, stage magician, or any other form of close-up magician for hire, get in touch with me today! I have over 20 years’ experience performing unforgettable events for my clients’ biggest occasions.