Magic has been around for a very, very long time and over the years we have seen many different tricks under a huge range of circumstances. Like anything magic has its classic tricks that everyone knows about, sometimes these tricks can go back hundreds of years right to the very beginning of when magic started. If you were to think about a magician your first image would probably be of a man in a tuxedo, and I can bet you the first trick you would imaging him doing would be this one.

The Rabbit Out of the Hat

This may be the go-to image for magic: the rabbit and the hat. It is believed that the first magician to have done this trick was Louis Comte, who was a Parisian magician in 1814. Have a think about how many times you’ve seen the image of that trick, or even seen magicians do it in the movies. This trick has certainly stayed around over the years! However, think about how many times you have seen this trick performed at an event or even a clip online of a magician pulling it off. You probably can’t think of one, right? That’s because, even though this trick is almost the face of magic, it’s extremely rare for magicians to do this trick.

Sawing a Woman in Half

You could argue that when you were to think of a magic trick that this one could also pop in your head. The classic sawing of a woman who is lay flat in a box. This trick is quite of lien used in films where the trick goes wrong for entertainment purposes in the movie. However, luckily the magicians who do this move don’t have the same outcome. This trick now has evolved into magicians cutting their assistant into lots of pieces, using see through boxes or even no box!

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