TrickedSo I suppose by now you have heard of the new ITV2 show ‘Tricked’? The hit TV show aired on 10th October 2013 and was highly anticipated and rightly so. In each episode there was a host of different celebrities and these are the type of people you want if you want more ratings! Celebs such as Rylan Clark, Christine Bleakley and bands such as Blue took part in Tricked, but did not take centre stage this time.

Ben Hanlin is the man responsible for Tricked and the Birmingham born 25 year old magician has had quite a career. Hanlin has also presented a show called Breaking Magic that aired on the Discovery Channel, as well as making an appearance on the Xtra Factor too. The magician and illusionist who claimed to be a mix of “Derren Brown and David Blaine” is one of the world’s upcoming magicians and as a magician myself, it’s a very tough art and trade to master, and takes 100% concentration.

If you’re based in Manchester and you’re looking to hire entertainment for an upcoming event such as a wedding or a party, then hiring a magician is perfect for this! As a magician in Manchester, the public really do love a good ol’ bit of magic; because it always leaves them questioning what has just happened. Give me a call if you are interested in hiring a magician for entertainment purposes on 07909 66 77 23.