As a close-up magician, I have been performing for over 10 years and personally, I couldn’t be any happier. It started off mostly as a hobby and gradually yet eventually developed into a career and you don’t hear that often really; it’s usually footballers or joiners who started off doing what they love and making a career out of it, but close-up magic is growing on more and more people, and you can see how successful it has become.

Performing at different venues all across Manchester and the UK, close-up magic is one thing that people try to pick up on and it’s great to see since they can never figure it out! I guess it’s all tricks of the trade with magic, with all of the audience members asking me how I did that and how I did this. I also try to include my entire audience with my tricks and sometimes they pick up on a few tips and sometimes they stay tricked, it’s all part of the learning process.

Recently I’ve been broadening my horizons to more areas in the North West; showing more and more people on how useful close-up magic really is! If it’s magicians in Leeds that you’re looking for then I can perform at many different types of events including parties and wedding venues. I’m only a phone call away as well so you can get in contact with me through my mobile or email and whatever your preference may be I’ll certainly be able to lend a hand!