The Great John Street Hotel

The weather’s always getting us down in this country, though it thankfully seems to be improving as we get closer and closer to summer. That wasn’t the case way back in December of last year, however, when I was hired to perform for the Great John Street Hotel’s own Ski Lodge Party they were planning to open to the public. It sounded like it was going to be great fun, so you can imagine I was a little disheartened when bad weather prevented it from happening.

Luckily for all involved it was re-scheduled, and the party was back on for the 10th January 2014. The evening went down a huge success, which was a great load of fun for me and from the looks of it everyone else enjoyed themselves as well. The Great John Street Hotel itself is a lovely venue, scenic and charming since it was created out of a transformed Victorian school house and an all-around welcoming environment in which people can relax. Rick 2

That’s perfect for me and my close-up magic, since my style has always been a laid back, friendly delivery of illusion and sleight of hand ideally suited for environments where people are having a great time. I expect that I’ll be performing there again very soon, especially since it’s in one of the many locations that I’m frequently hired in and around, and certainly because I had fun there last time!

I have been performing close up magic for well over 10 years now, so if you’re looking for an experienced party magician in Manchester then I’ll definitely be able to provide the kind of professional act you’re after. I’m not just exclusive to that city, though, with my flexible services able to be booked throughout the North West. There are countless places that magic can be employed, so if you’re looking to book a magician in Leeds, Sheffield, Preston, Bradford and beyond, then make sure you give me a call as soon as possible. You can find my contact details online, and I’d love to hear from you soon!