Something New…

It seems as though there is a new magician in the works and what good news to hear, because close-up magic is really one to master and once you have mastered that, there is so much more you can do. If you want to do something career wise, then all you need is some motivation.

A close-up magician like myself, Troy Van Schiebner (better known by his stage name ‘Troy’) is a young, upcoming illusionist who wants to show his skills off to the world. Many people may have become bored over the years with the same old magic tricks day in day out, but magicians such as David Blaine, who is Troy’s biggest idol, have taught the world that there is plenty more to learn!

Troy’s new show aired just last week on E4 and has already been a massive hit. The first episode was more of an introductory one, but he also displayed some of his magnificent close-up magic skills…there is definitely more to come from this guy. As a close-up magician in Manchester, I find it thrilling getting up for work every morning since it’s my hobby as well, I mean look at footballers who get paid (far too much!) for kicking a ball round the pitch, they celebrate when they score a goal and achieving goals is what today is all about.

The new show, Troy, will be one to look out for; so be sure to keep up with it, as it’s on every week and looks to be getting better and better. He talked about performing for ordinary, everyday people and not celebrities, and he said he wished to keep it this way. I may not be on TV like Troy, but I certainly share the same ideas, I perform each week for events such as weddings and I couldn’t be happier.

If you’re looking for close-up magic in Manchester, then the search is over, as I can perform close-up magic for you and your guests. Just get in touch via phone or email and I can certainly arrange something, so hopefully I will hear from you guys soon!