Showing Your Skills

I have recently arrived back in Manchester after a week down in London helping to promote corporate events with the use of close-up magic, there’s nothing more fulfilling then being able to show what you do for a living and how exciting it can be performing your job.

I had the pleasure of attending some of the trade fair events down in London and I have to say, it was more exciting than I thought it would be. To begin with, not only did many of the corporate businesses get to show exactly what they were doing, I was able to shock a few people and the expression on their faces was priceless too, and it was definitely fruitful for all of us. There were a variety of different trades present, but there were not that many close-up magicians to say the least, so I ended up using my pack of cards more than once.

Magic is and has always been an exciting subject, but has not always been a ‘trade’ of such; it dates back for centuries and is commonly known as illusion too, but it has only recently established the trade or job title. It’s undoubtedly a great experience being a close-up magician and it makes getting up early in the morning a treat!

Trade shows aren’t the only corporate event I can perform for though; corporate dinners, parties and pretty much anything and everything corporate that you need a close-up magician for is certainly not a hard task. A corporate magician is just one of my services though, so if you wish to discuss anything further then be sure to give me a quick call on 07909 66 77 23 and I’ll be very happy to lend a hand.