It appears as though online scammers have started to delve deeper into the more psychological side of things in the past couple of years. Like close-up magicians, they have been using similar illusion tricks but only to trick people on the internet, in the hope that they can receive illegal money. An article written by the BBC claims that scammers play sophisticated tricks to fool people so you guys better be careful when you’re browsing the internet!

David Modic, who specifically researches the psychology of internet fraud at the prestigious University of Cambridge, opened people’s eyes to how the mind of a scammer work and it’s very similar to mine as a close up wedding magician! Combined with the tricks of a magician and the skills of a computer whiz, scammers can be a deadly force and could end up leaving you with nothing in your bank account.

It’s not all bad news though, as we’re smart enough to know when someone is trying to sell us something on the internet and by keeping your wits about you, they’ll have absolutely no chance. As a magician myself I’ll be able to spot their tricks as they’re very similar to mine.

It’s all advice though and I’m always happy to lend a hand especially in this aspect. I can always provide my services though and all my magic mind tricks are all in good fun for entertainment purposes. Get in touch with me today for information on my wedding magician services.