Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days of your life; it involves all of your loved ones and friends and is probably the biggest step you can take, but does it have the best entertainment around? The entertainment industry is forever changing and expanding, especially for quirky and unique trades such as performing as a magician.

As a magician myself, I have performed at many events over the course of my career including weddings and I have to say that these really are fantastic events to be at! Watching someone getting married is truly a great honour, as it’s a proud and happy moment for everyone to experience, but being able to relight those smiles through a common interest is even more fulfilling. Everyone loves a bit of magic and simply because it simply baffles the mind and leaves people scratching their heads in confusion.

There is however a time and a place; during the photographs, during the wedding breakfast and at the evening reception. It’s great to see some happy faces in the morning because we’re all human and the morning isn’t our best time, but since it’s a wedding, it’s important to go all out enjoy ourselves. All the weddings I have performed at have been excellent, as I have felt like a guest myself so it really was a memorable occasion.

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