Close up magic is one of the best ways to really make your big day memorable, and it ensures that no-one will ever feel a little tired of the evening when things quiet down in between the big events! Especially if you’re a veteran of a few ceremonies, you probably know exactly what I mean; sometimes, things can get a little tedious if you’ve not got a lot to keep you engaged, laughing, and having the good time you should be!

My unique brand of illusion and sleight of hand involves mingling with the crowd and getting the audience involved so that no-one ever feels like the evening slows down, and they’re sure to remember exactly how confused they felt by the tricks happening right before their eyes – or even in their own hands! Whether it’s during the photographs, wedding breakfast, evening reception, or a mixture of all of them, my magic is sure to fit the bill!

So why not consider investing in the simplicity and excellence that I can bring to your wedding? Simply give me a call, and we can discuss exactly how I can meet your every individual requirement.

Are you looking for a wedding magician in Manchester and the Northwest who can provide the utmost quality when it comes to wedding entertainment? I’m definitely the man you’re looking for, especially since I can provide my services in one convenient package you won’t have to worry about; after all, you probably have enough on your plate as it is! I’m also able to perform as a magician in Leeds and Sheffield, as well as Preston and Bradford, so why not get in contact as soon as you can? There’s not many places I can’t travel to, so a wedding magician just like myself might just be headed to your area next!