Hiring a wedding magician is becoming an increasingly popular choice for couples planning their wedding day, as it can be exactly what your day needs to make it not only special, but simply extraordinary.
There are certain times during everyone’s wedding day that can easily get overlooked by couples in the midst of planning their day. With so many aspects of the day to sort, organise and plan, you will want to create a day that is memorable for yourselves as well as your family, friends and guests. Having worked as a wedding magician for over 20 years, I can advise you of the most optimal times that you will benefit from my wedding magician services.
There are 3 core times of your special day where my services are best utilised:

1. During the photographs
Using me as your wedding magician when your photographs are being taken is a fantastic opportunity, because your guests will be entertained whilst they wait for the photographs to be taken.

2. During the wedding breakfast
Want to add laughter, cheer and overall merriment to your wedding? Make your wedding breakfast unforgettable by hiring me as your wedding magician.
The wedding breakfast remains one of the most popular times for couples to book their magician to entertain them on their special day.
This is also an excellent time to use close-up magic. My wedding magician services work well to bridge the gap between food courses, creating a great buzz and adding to the atmosphere.

3. At the evening reception
Not only will hiring me as your wedding magician keep all of the daytime guests entertained, but will also welcome the evening guests, bringing both daytime and new guests together, effortlessly blending your friends, family and guests through consistently providing entertainment and a fun atmosphere.

4. A mixture of the above
My specialism as a close-up magician is perfect for weddings as it is very visual, a great ice-breaker and talking point so whatever time you choose to hire me as your wedding magician, you can rest assured that you will get a professional, friendly and enthralling addition to your wedding day.
So choose me for your most magical time and, as your wedding magician, I can help to make every moment memorable.