There’s no day that’s more special than your wedding; that’s just a fact of life and definitely the way it should be! I’m frequently hired out to do weddings, which is very fortunate for me as they’re one of my favourite places to perform as a close up magician and certainly one of the best places which makes a perfect match for magic. The environment is one in which everyone’s looking to have a good time, with smiles all round and crowds all eager to have their minds tricked and fooled by my unique blend of illusion and sleight of hand.

Magic is incredibly flexible, too! A wedding magician can be hired and utilised to full effect in a number of places during a wedding ceremony, especially where things look like they’re going to get a little bit dull – and let’s be honest here, some weddings can really drag on a little bit even if the day itself couldn’t be more special! That’s exactly where entertainment such as close up magic can come in, so why not enlist my services as a wedding magician whilst photographs are being taken or during the reception, for example?

If you’re looking to make your big day the best it can be, definitely make sure you don’t miss out on the seasoned entertainment I could bring to the occasion. I can guarantee that people will remember your wedding for years and years to come!

I’ve been performing as a wedding magician in Manchester and the North West for a while now, with over twenty years under my belt when it comes to making sure that any occasion becomes a truly memorable event for the books! All you have to do is get in contact by way of a quick call, and we’ll be able to discuss exactly how I could be the perfect thing for your special day!