There’s nothing more exciting than seeing something that you’re interested in; anything from kicking up your feet at home with a thrilling film to watch or simply relaxing in the garden with an interesting book, there’s always something to do in your free time but its genre that can make a change in your mood.

And genre is just what we’re talking about, American novelist and journalist Lev Grossman has finally finished off his Magician’s trilogy! First started in 2009 with ‘The Magicians’, the excellent book series has finally been completed and I have to say that it is a brilliant series…I was glad to read a third one! All of Grossman’s works are fantastic, just find a quiet spot in the house, grab yourself a drink and become immersed in the fantasy of ‘The Magicians Land’. The plot is very eye-catching and will grab your attention from the start, another great work from Lev Grossman.

Sure there’s no fantasy, magical lands in reality but that’s why it leaves people scratching their heads. The closest thing you’ll get to seeing something out of this world is when you’re viewing close up magic; it keeps the audience watching and waiting, it makes use of illusion to trick them too and best of all, a magician never shows his secrets, leaving people wanting more!

I can most certainly provide you with the art of close up magic today; all it takes is a booking and a wedding magician, like myself, will come calling! Just get in contact with me via email or on my mobile and I’ll be sure to help.