Magic at the Palace Hotel

March 1st of last year was a big Saturday night for Nuco Travel, as they threw a fantastic party at the Palace Hotel in Manchester to commemorate the very first anniversary of their company’s founding. I was approached to perform as entertainment during both the drinks reception and the three course dinner, and I gladly took up the opportunity to visit the iconic venue! It turned out to be a wonderful event, one that was as much fun for me as it no doubt was for the many guests, and needless to say the hotel itself was an absolutely beautiful place. With a truly lavish and traditional décor running throughout the many sections and rooms the building plays host to, you really have to see it for yourself!

Close-up magic is perfect for a whole range of situations and party entertainment is certainly one of them, with a wide variety of people to entertain and a laid back atmosphere in which I can easily perform. People are always out to have a great time at parties, so amazing them with a whole variety of tricks comes naturally and is guaranteed to create big smiles all around. It certainly did down at the Palace Hotel, and it could do at your next event!

I’m always in and around Manchester performing close up magic, but I’m well prepared to entertain at pretty much any venue throughout the UK. If you’re looking for a party magician in places like Blackpool, Leeds and Sheffield, make sure you’ve got me in mind! Or, if you’d like to learn close up magic, I can teach you to be the one bewildering onlookers with sleight of hand and illusion. I have over ten years’ experience performing across the country, and I’m willing to travel if you need me to, so why not get in contact as soon as you can? I’d love to hear from you!