Learn the Art Of Magic! – Manchester Magician

It doesn’t matter on the occasion or the setting. From weddings, to corporate events, to birthdays and so on, as a close up Magician in Manchester, I take great pleasure in astonishing my audience. For me, there is nothing better than the feeling I get when performing magic.

In some aspects, I find that close up magic is more rewarding. I love the interaction and participation with the audience. This makes the whole experience all the more enjoyable.

It’s no secret that people find the art of magic remarkably interesting. We as human beings, are by nature extremely curios. We are always searching for the answers to the questions that bemuse us. This is the reason why from a young age, I have been practicing magic and studying illusion.

If like me, you share a curiosity for magic and illusion, get in touch today! As a close up Magician in Manchester, I offer a range of packages, to help people learn sleight of hand and close up magic. Whether it’s to learn the method for your own interest or so you can impress and bewilder your friends, your family or even your work colleagues, I am on hand to assist you.

From a beginner to a keen hobbyist, if you are serious about learning the art of magic and illusion, my one to one tuition will get you ready and able to perform your own tricks.

As your close up Manchester magician, I am here to help! For further information and a full range of available packages, call me today!