Home Entertainment

There’s nothing more satisfying than being at home during winter; particularly because it’s cold, dreary and doesn’t exactly offer the nicest of conditions. With heavy rain, which is something we get all year round, countless months of snow and shorter days, winter isn’t something we should look forward to but there are a few positives of this season. For one, winter boasts all the best events in the year; Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas are just a handful of the more prominent events each year and are for all to experience in a positive manner.

Getting comfortable with some mulled wine (piping hot, of course) by the fire, with a bit of television on is something that we all love to do but what about some proper entertainment? At the end of every year when the colder months are upon us, we like to do as many family activities as possible and there’s always someone who does a bit of karaoke or even the cousin who you haven’t seen in years attempting some magic tricks. These are all things we have experienced, so why not think about hiring an actual close-up magician?

I am a wedding magician predominantly, but I also offer my services as a party magician as well and will be more than happy to provide you with a few tricks! Just get in touch with me via email or through my mobile and I’ll be happy to help.