Helping you enjoy your big day! – Wedding Magician

As a professional wedding magician in Manchester, who has performed at a large number of weddings, I understand that your wedding day will be the most important day of your life. With so much pressure to deliver a day that you, your family and your friends will remember, it will come as no surprise that planning your special day might be a stressful experience.

The last thing you need when choosing the right entertainment for your Wedding day, is for this to become an extra weight on top of everything else. As a wedding magician in Manchester, I can assist you.

The number of things to consider can become overwhelming.

  • Venue – Venues come in a range of sizes, from function rooms in your local pub, to the larger, grander venue. When hosting your reception, you can become restricted by your budget. Choosing a venue big enough for both your guests and chosen entertainment, can be a nightmare.

My solution – I am especially skilled in close up magic and sleight of hand, my act is suitable for any size venue and I do not require a stage.

  • Guest interaction – The big day is daunting enough without worrying how everyone is getting on. On your wedding day, everyone from every aspect of your life, comes together to join in the celebration.

My solution – From greeting and mixing with your guests to performing at tables, my style of entertainment will be the perfect ice breaker and get everyone involved and talking.

  • Is the act suitable to everyone’s taste? – Will your chosen entertainment, appeal to younger and older guests alike. Is the entertainment suitable?

My solution – My act is family friendly and the mystery of magic appears to people of all ages. It is sure to get everyone interacting.

  • How will the entertainment suit the theme of my wedding? – Some couples consider a theme when it comes to their big day.

My solution – I understand that each wedding can be different. If you have any special requirements, please feel free to ask how I can assist.

As your wedding magician in Manchester my style of entertainment will ensure that you and your guests will truly have a day to remember. Speak to me today to find out more about my wedding packages.