Happy Birthday Mark!

On the 15th February, Rona and Mark Doe were hosting a small 50th birthday celebration, commemorating the milestone with their friends and family. They’d seen me perform many times before at other family events, and so when it came to booking entertainment for their own occasion they thought that a bit of my magic would be a perfect fit! As such they offered me the opportunity and I gladly accepted the chance to dazzle some new faces!

The party took place in the village of Croft in Warrington, hosted inside of a charming pub called The General Elliot. It was a lovely venue which was very suitable for the event, and a place which I found it incredibly easy to relax and mingle within. When it was time to perform for the attendees I had as much fun putting some very confused smiles on people’s faces, and I would gladly accept the offer to do it again!

It’s always a great time at smaller, more traditional venues like this one, and it’s a great perk of the job that I get to travel and see a whole variety of them. I can, however, suit just about anywhere you want me to perform, as close up magic is one of the most flexible forms of entertainment that I know, so don’t worry if you’re thinking of larger event – I’ll find a way to make it memorable for all involved!

If you’re looking for a party magician in Manchester and throughout the Northwest in places like Leeds, Sheffield, and Preston don’t be afraid to give me a call. I’ve been performing close up magic for over ten years, and I have a wealth of experience when it comes to providing dependable party entertainment through the kind of sleight of hand and illusionist’s tricks that always go down a storm. So why not get in contact as soon as possible? I’d love to hear from you!