Well, the title says it all really! American Horror Story has swept the nation over in the USA and is now beginning to build bigger audiences elsewhere. The horror anthology series has been on our televisions for a good four years now and has been increasing in popularity ever since its air date in October 2011. The show has stuck to the theme of horror by airing each season in October so it’s all ready for Halloween and with Halloween right around the corner, is there a better time for the season four premiere than tonight?

Season three of the horror series finished at an all-time high and involved a lot of magic…well I’d be putting it lightly there, the entire season was revolved around the idea of using magic in different ways! It followed the day-to-day lives of a coven of witches during the present day with some famous historical faces including in there too. It is definitely one to watch if you’re into the box sets. Although plenty of close-up magic was involved in this, I can tell you now that I am certainly not part of any coven, just your friendly close up magic in Manchester, although the idea is a pretty good one!

We all love a bit of horror, even if we’re terrified by it, simply due to the sheer exhilaration it gives us. Like every event throughout the year, people celebrate Halloween like they would Christmas, so there will be tons of parties on and a party magician like myself can surely be of service. Get in touch with me via mobile or email and a wedding magician could be yours today.