Good Company

Planning a corporate event can be a tricky deal, but it’s a process that can be made smoother by simplifying just about every element you can as you prepare for it. Picking a reputable and reliable venue which you know is a perfect fit for the kind of occasion you’re looking to host, for example, can make sure that you won’t have to worry too much about a location, but what about entertainment? As one of the most crucial things to get right if you don’t want your event to be a drab and monotonous affair, entertainment is often one of the things you can find yourself scratching your head over as to what will best suit everyone present.

That’s where I can come in, because there’s nothing quite like magic to put a smile on every face! My style of close up illusion in particular is a great way to cater for a whole range of individuals, as it includes the audience in many of the tricks and makes the magic all the more convincing when it happens right in the palm of their own hands! I’ll also bring everything needed, so all you need to do is give me a ring and everything’ll be sorted just like that!

But how about learning magic for yourself? I’m sure you might be thinking that a quick trip to the internet to watch some instructional videos might be all that’s needed to pick up a little knowhow, but that can only take you so far. The service I offer is a dedicated one-to-one tuition for the keen hobbyist, budding magician just beginning to start out, or anyone who’s serious about illusion and sleight of hand, and is sure to give you the skills you need in a lasting and memorable way you won’t soon forget. Why not give it a try? You might be the next hit down at your workplace!

I’ve been performing wedding magician for well over ten years now, and I’ve got no shortage of experience when it comes to providing wedding magician entertainment for corporate events. If you’re looking for a corporate magician in Manchester or anywhere else in the Northwest, make sure you make me your first choice! Alternatively, if you’d love to learn close up magic and be the one behind the tricks, simply get in contact and we’ll be able to discuss that too. It couldn’t be simpler, really, so I hope to hear from you soon!