A Front Row Seat

Close-up magic is a very interesting yet confusing trade; through the use of illusion magicians like myself have to get every little trick right in order to entertain and surprise the audience, and this always happens since many people find it utterly bizarre. It’s great listening to people’s reactions because the feedback is always great and they usually say something on the lines of “how did you do that”…it’s just what I do!

Whatever the event may be, I’m always looking to impress and ensure that my guests get the full experience in close up magic. Magic is on a huge scale and some magicians perform on stage, some don’t but I think it’s important to interact with the audience as much as possible and being stood right in front of them is a big plus. I always get people in my audience trying to figure out how I did this trick or that trick and they never solve the puzzle! It’s fantastic being able to do what I do to hundreds of people and I’m always looking for new events to partake in.

I perform all over the UK at a host of different events; anything from corporate events to wedding parties, I always include my audience and make sure that they all have a front row seat and a taste of the action. As a specialist in close up magic in Manchester, I’m always looking for new events and magic is excellent for all of them, just get in touch with me on mobile or if you prefer, you can contact me via email and we can definitely have a chat about my services and what I can offer you.