Expecting the Unexpected – Wedding Magician

Making your wedding day a day of wonder and amazement is my primary goal and my unique experience, as a wedding magician involves livening up your wedding day with tantalising trickery, stunning sleight-of-hand magic and memorable mind-reading.

Magic is a special skill that goes back thousands of years, and yet I bring a modern and contemporary twist to the art form, with an authentic array of close-up magic, bringing laughter and fun to your wedding day.

Every so often, I hear people say they are not fans of magic but, time and time again, with my specialist close-up magic, I have even the sceptics at the edge of their seats!
If you choose me as your wedding magician, you will not need to worry about entertainment for your guests or what to do in downtimes that every wedding day experiences. Offering a unique performance guaranteed to get your guests warmed up, interacting and getting conversations flowing.

As your wedding magician, I can create a show stopping performance that perfectly suits your event and personal style. I can offer an exciting selection of packages that can also be tailored specifically to your wedding day. With my performances, your guests will enjoy being stunned and amazed, so expect the unexpected and hire me as your wedding magician today!