Who said working for a business wasn’t entertaining? Well as a matter of fact, many people say this because at the end of the day you are there to work, but needless to say you can still have a great time; even in the office there are good times to be held. With everyone taking turns on who makes the next brew round and who brings in the treats, the working environment is actually one to look forward to.

The entertainment business has come a long way and contains so many different roles, the most common ones you’ll see are musicians and bands, dancers and on the rise, magicians. Whether you are part of a big business or not, you should always maintain a healthy if not friendly working relationship with your colleagues, by doing this it can lead to a better working environment.

By now you have probably had a few office parties. It’s up to someone to hire some kind of entertainment so that the guests will not find the atmosphere tedious and will enjoy it, particularly if you are working with a client base and you want to keep them on board. The norm is that businesses tend to hire the services of a DJ or band, but what about hiring a corporate magician in Manchester?

Are you currently in the process of planning the next corporate party and searching for some entertainment in Manchester? You should certainly consider about hiring the services of a talented magician such as Rick Naylor (me). I’m based in Manchester and have performed at various venues and received nothing but good things about my on-stage performances (weddings are my personable favourite!). If you’re interested in hiring a corporate magician in Manchester, then please don’t hesitate to give me a call on my mobile, you can reach me on 07909 66 77 23 and I’ll definitely be able to chat about any of my services including performing magic for a wedding, a party or any corporate event.