I’m always happy when I’m hired for a party. They’re a great kind of event to perform magic at, especially since the close-up elements work so well with people in groups smiling and already having fun. It’s a form of entertainment that’s flexible and adaptable, so naturally there’s a huge variety of places that it’s a perfect match for, but I think that birthdays have that special charm to them which adds that little bit more to the moment!

I was recently hired to perform at the Belle Epoque restaurant for a 50th birthday party, at an occasion which was definitely great fun for me and all involved. The hosts and guests both were all very friendly and personable, which made it very easy to relax and get along with them as I performed, and there were a fair few faces looking awfully bewildered as I pulled out my bag of tricks and illusions for them!

The restaurant itself is a fantastic little venue in Knutsford, which if you’ve never visited I would recommend you do. The décor was lovely, and the selections of food and drink on offer were enticing to say the least!

belle epoque

I have been performing as a close up magician for over ten years now, specialising in sleight of hand and illusion ideal for party entertainment. Knutsford is just one of the locations in the North West that I regularly perform in, so if you’re looking for a magician in Sheffield, Leeds, or beyond, I’m sure to be on hand. You can find my contact details online, so why not give me a call to see what I can do for you?