Being a magician has its perks; you get to stand on a stage and have your 15 minutes of fame each and every time, and it’s all thanks to a great audience. Well, it’s a bit longer than 15 minutes for me! It can be a daunting task to perform in front of hundreds of people and we all know the feeling too, just think back to high school and college when we used to do it week in, week out! However, performing close-up magic on a stage is no easy task at all, you have ensure that you get all the tricks correct and prepare yourself if you slip-up and don’t worry because it happens to the best of us.

I have been performing magic for quite some time now and have been to venues all across Manchester and areas of the UK, while improving my talent and confidence at the same time. Hearing the surprised gasps in the crowd works wonders for you on stage, because it’s a sign that you are doing something right! You see magicians and illusionists on the TV all the time, social media covers a lot of it too, so if you like to post or tweet then you’ll most likely hear about David Blaine or Dynamo – these guys are fantastic at what they do and I would say they have achieved their stardom.

I have been giving my audiences the surprises and shocks that they wanted over the last few years and it’s a surprise to say that I’ve been contacted to do wedding entertainment. I guess the whole band and singer is a thing of the past now? Not only is your wedding day a huge occasion, for the bride and groom, but for the guests as well. It’s a pretty big deal to me too, as I get to light up the faces of the wedding party so I know for sure that they’re enjoying a touch of close-up magic!

You can also get in touch with me for other events such as business and corporate meetings and even your birthday party if you like, by giving me a call on my mobile or sending me a quick email – whatever suits you best! Hope to hear from you guys soon and here’s to 2014!