Teaching Tricks

They say a magician never reveals his secrets, and for many people that’s where the real appeal of the art lies. You’ll probably have found yourself wondering just how a trick was pulled off if you’ve ever seen illusion performed either first hand or on the television, perhaps debating it with your friends or family as you try to find an explanation for the magic that just happened before your eyes, but you’ll never truly know unless the magician himself wants you to!

But what if you were the one behind the magic? We all enjoy a good trick when it comes to putting a smile on our face, but there’s nothing quite like holding the cards as they disappear out of sight and find themselves in the most unlikely places! You might think that you could just head online to watch a couple videos on how to perform tricks, but that approach is much more limited than you might think.

Sure, you might find a couple moves explained, but what I can offer you is much more comprehensive. I can give you the skills you need to build a foundation of flexible and truly impressive magic, offering all of my knowledge to give you a firm footing in the art. Before you know it you’ll be stood performing for all to see, dazzling your friends with the slick, professional touch that I can help you perfect.

So, if you’re definitely looking to learn close up magic, why not give me a call? I’ve got over ten years’ experience performing as a magician in Leeds, Sheffield, Preston and elsewhere throughout the North West, with all the knowledge and expertise that you’d imagine comes with it! If you’re serious about learning magic and sleight of hand, and following in the footsteps of an experienced wedding magician sounds like just the thing you’re looking for, let my comprehensive one-on-one tuition teach you everything you need to know! Simply get in contact, and we can have a chat about it!