Party Magician

Home Entertainment

There’s nothing more satisfying than being at home during winter; particularly because it’s cold, dreary and doesn’t exactly offer the nicest of conditions. With heavy rain, which is something we get all year round, countless months of snow and shorter days, winter isn’t something we should look forward to but there are a few positives […]

Halloween Approaches

Well, the title says it all really! American Horror Story has swept the nation over in the USA and is now beginning to build bigger audiences elsewhere. The horror anthology series has been on our televisions for a good four years now and has been increasing in popularity ever since its air date in October […]

Mind Tricks

It appears as though online scammers have started to delve deeper into the more psychological side of things in the past couple of years. Like close-up magicians, they have been using similar illusion tricks but only to trick people on the internet, in the hope that they can receive illegal money. An article written by […]