Specialist Skills – Manchester Magician

Wedding MagicianDo you have your wedding coming up?

Do you want to give your guests something a little unique?

Do you want your wedding day to stand out amongst the crowd?

I am a specialist wedding magician, a perfect choice to provide entertainment during your wedding reception, wedding breakfast or perform well into the evening’s celebrations.

Most wedding entertainers, especially musicians, need lots of equipment and setting up,but I come as I am. No setting up or large stage props required. I don’t even need a stage! I will mingle amongst your guests, mixing in with the crowd. I love getting to know your friends and family and then charming them with illusion, sleight of hand and close up magic.

Close-up magic is an ideal form of entertainment for a wedding and as your wedding magician, I can be the most original and fun addition to your special day.

As your wedding magician, I am incredibly flexible and can fit easily into your wedding day at whatever time, venue or wedding type you are planning.

Brides to be are always keen to make their wedding day stand out and I have a proven track record in providing the best level of service to my clients as possible.

Your wedding guests will enjoy entering the magical world that I conjure for them and they will love abandoning their sense of reality, so choose me as your wedding magician today.