British Magician Paul Daniels had an unfortunate experience with a furry helper on his show a couple of weeks ago. The talented musician was performing at one of the venues in his UK tour and was accompanied by a pair of rabbits; all seemed well but when things took a more amorous turn, it turned and bit Paul, leaving him and the audience in a strange state. Of course it was nothing serious but you always need to make sure, whatever your job may be, to stay safe an in this instance, watch out!

When performing as a magician, one must always know exactly how to perform what trick they’re about to entertain the guests with, without any slip ups so it makes me glad and gasp a sigh of relief when I don’t have to use animals in any of my acts. As a wedding magician, I lean towards the close-up magic side of illusion performing so my guests can see exactly how I do things, while tricking them at the same time…it’s all part of the act folks.

I am always at hand to offer wedding entertainment as well; performing in various places all across the UK. Looking for a wedding magician today? Get in contact with me through email or via phone and I can definitely provide a top quality service to make your experience unforgettable.