Mesmerize with Magic – Manchester Magician

Searching for a contemporary, unique and magical touch to your wedding?

Wedding MagicianIf you haven’t yet hired an entertainer for your wedding, it can be a daunting task but if you’re looking for an efficient, professional and friendly entertainer, choose Rick Naylor for your wedding magician needs.

Based in Manchester, Rick Naylor has performed at many weddings and at a variety of venues, but he can also perform a little further afield.

Magic is Rick’s number one passion and my specialism is sleight of hand, card and coin tricks. This type of magic is perfect for wedding settings and in fact can fit into any environment and atmosphere.

Rick’s down to earth approach is a winner with your friends and family and on your wedding day, he will flit from table to table, amazing and delighting your guests.

At any wedding, there will be people who do not know each other. Two families get together on this special day so you will need a little help with the icebreaking and as the happy couple, you will be too busy to do this yourself. Rick’s wedding magician skills are the perfect icebreaker, and a great way to create a talking point for your guests, bring families and friends together to bond through fun and laughter.

With Rick’s wedding magician service, he will create an atmosphere like no other on your big day. Add his wedding magician skills into the mix and let me mesmerise your guests with memorable magic. Rely on Rick to get your wedding party started in a unique and magical way!