Have you ever been captivated before? It’s the feeling of awe when you’ve seen something that cannot be explained. If you’ve got a big day coming up or an important party, you’ll want to captivate and stun your guests and whilst hiring just anybody might do the trick, there’s no better solution to the problem than a close up magician such as myself!

I’ve been described as a modern man with contemporary magic, and a long list of happy customers would seem to support that! I can certainly promise you that my style of sleight of hand and illusion will captivate you and your guests, as I have more than 20 years of experience that I believe have shaped my close up magic into something truly unique!

For your unforgettable day, the mood of your wedding can be lightened with a spark of magic and flair courtesy of my talents as a wedding magician, and my warm and friendly manner will help your guests enjoy themselves greatly. It doesn’t end there, however! I am always able to do parties and corporate events, so if you’ve been given the responsibility of planning a party and have no idea how to entertain your guests, a wedding magician is perfect!

Providing a reliable and professional service is a crucial part of what I do. No longer will your guests be bored with idle chatter for hours at your corporate event or before your wedding service. We’re not talking about pulling rabbits out of hats, but tricks that are designed to captivate and boggle the mind at point blank range. That’s what my services as a wedding magician are all about, with illusionary magic techniques leaving you scratching your head in wonder!

There really is nothing like a skilled wedding magician to lighten up your event or big day, so why not get in touch? If you think that your party or wedding could do with a bit of magical entertainment, just contact me either by way of a quick call or by email!