Let Me Entertain You!

Entertainment can be a tricky business! There are certainly a lot of reasons that you might need it for your event, but when it comes down to deciding on who or what you want to book it’s often a hard choice. Magic is a classic that might spring to mind, but even then there are a fair few things to consider. You yourself might be wondering why a magician might be the perfect thing for your event if you’re not already sold on the idea. If that’s the case, well, simply read on…

Magic can be a perfect choice simply because of the variety of audiences it can cater for. A magician is one of the fortunate few kinds of entertainers who can cater for just about everyone, and especially when it comes to my close up magic I’m able to tailor my act to whatever function, occasion or event you’re hosting. I’ve performed at trade shows before, where my magic attracted people to the booth I was working on, and I’ve mingled at parties to make the most of a relaxed environment. I can capture the imagination of anyone you want me to, so you won’t have to worry about entertaining whoever you’re bringing to your party.

Of course, the most important factor when deciding on a magician to provide entertainment for your party is undoubtedly how good they’re guaranteed to be. That’s why I’ve got a testimonials page out in the open for everyone to see, as my speciality lies in delivering a top quality performance every time and you only have to read what people have had to say if you don’t believe me! Why not make your party or event the next place that my magic goes down a storm?

I’ve been performing as a wedding magician for over ten years now, bringing my skills as a magician and illusionist in Manchester all around the country and putting big smiles on a wide range of faces. If you’ve been looking for a party magician who specialises in a personal, friendly and very accessible approach to the art, I might just be the thing for you! Why not get in contact? Just a quick chat is all that’s needed, and we’ll be able to discuss what you want, so go on – give me a call!