First Impressions

Meeting a new business or meeting someone new in general? Whatever it may be, first impressions are of the highest importance and being yourself is the only way to adapt to these situations, as I’m sure many of you already now. But let’s say you’re meeting a potentially huge client that could do wonders for your own business, making a good impression is of the upmost concern, you want to display comfortable traits so that the meeting is a little more ‘toned down’. Having similar interests and humour is a huge plus, since sharing the same interests can help things run more fluently; however, hiring entertainment for a corporate meeting is a whole different ball game.

You have invited a client to come for a meeting at your office which means they are the guest; guests deserve to be entertained and need to know that they are welcome. It can be quite a tricky one getting the correct entertainment for a corporate meeting or party, you wouldn’t have a musician because it would be far too noisy, so take it down a notch and hire something that everyone will like…a magician perhaps? Hiring a magician for a corporate event is a brilliant idea and I’m certainly not saying that because I am one, but they are!

Magic is a really good thing to get into; it starts off as more or less a hobby and gradually develops into a fine trade, who said doing what you love can’t pay your way through life? Just imagine the picture on the clients faces when a corporate magician completely ‘wows’ them, I guess we’d see a few stunned faces around the table.

Perhaps you are in the market for a corporate magician? I can certainly provide my services to you and your business clients. I have been performing for well over 10 years now and I thoroughly enjoy it, it’s far more exciting when the audience enjoys it to and I always aim to please. If you are based in Manchester and areas of the Northwest then you can reach me on my mobile any time; just give me a call in regard to my services on 07909 66 77 23 – happy to hear from you!