A Fair Bit of Fun

The North West is one of my favourite places to perform, so I’m very glad to say that it’s the area I find myself hired in most frequently! Sunday 16th February was no exception to that rule, and it was the date on which I attended one of the annual wedding fairs held by the Holland Hall Hotel in Skelmersdale. I often work alongside Peter and Karen of Pier Fun Casinos, the main event organisers at the hotel, and so I was happily helping to promote their fantastic services by performing my style of illusion and sleight of hand.

Magic is, of course, a perfect fit for this kind of environment, and a guaranteed hit every time! You can trust me on that one, as I’ve been performing for well over ten years now and I’ve seen first-hand just how adaptable it can be whether it’s providing entertainment for weddings, corporate events, or parties of all kinds. Down at Holland Hall, it was an absolute pleasure to perform for Peter and Karen, and maybe some of the people that I entertained may very well keep me in mind when they’re planning their wedding, eh?

The venue was an absolutely excellent establishment, and not just in terms of how easy it was to perform there! With a unique blend of urban styling and traditional country decoration, the hotel as well as the town itself provided a scenic background for my time there, and I would recommend a trip there to anyone looking for a country break whilst the sun’s out and the days are warm!

So, if you’ve been looking for a magician in Sheffield, Leeds, or anywhere throughout the North West, don’t hesitate to give me a quick chat and we can discuss exactly how best I can meet your every requirement. Close up magic is one of the best ways to add that certain flair to any event, and I’d only be happy to help make any occasion memorable. Why not in contact as soon as possible? I’d love to hear from you soon!