Enchanting Illusion – Wedding Magician

Having established myself as a popular wedding magician, many happy couples are booking me to perform my magic on their wedding day more and more. Having a wedding magician to entertain your guests has many an advantage in making your big day Wedding Magicianfabulous, fun and memorable.

I am a Manchester based wedding magician, but I have also performed at weddings further afield and even abroad. I have varying experience of entertaining guests at a wide range of weddings and know how important it will be for you to ensure that your guests are all happy throughout the day.

“How did he do that?”

This is largely the question I hear from many a guest as I perform close up magic at your wedding day! I love to provide your guests with a sense of the unexpected and thrill them with sleight of hand illusion, card and coin tricks to name a few. With an assortment of tricks up my sleeve, your guests are guaranteed to be enchanted from start to finish.

Wedding Glitches

Hopefully your wedding day will go smoothly, but sometimes things don’t always go to plan. There may be a lull, some extended down time during the day, photos may take longer to organise than hoped…there are a few things that can easily be solved with my wedding magician skills!

Ready and on hand to rescue any unexpected situation, I can fill any long intervals with my close up magic. There’s nothing like magic to get your guests going and for breaking the ice!

Let me be your wedding magician; my top quality entertainment skills will help make wedding memories that you will cherish.